Through active administration, the Malheur County Building Department is dedicated to the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of all persons who live, work in or visit the “built environment.” We strive to provide consistent, efficient, and effective administration of the Oregon Building Code. The building department completes plan reviews and inspections, and issues building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits to create and ensure a safe, livable, and economically viable community. The Department remains fully fee supported with all operating costs being derived from permit fees collected.

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The Malheur County Building Department was established with the enactment of Senate Bill 73, which later became ORS 456. On July 1, 1974, this legislation effectively created the Oregon State Building Code. The Department offers a full complement of basic inspection services. Area of service includes all of Malheur County except City of Ontario, limited to plumbing and electrical inspections.

In addition to Ontario, Jordan Valley, and Vale, there are several other communities of size in Malheur County: Nyssa and Adrian are incorporated cities, while Juntura, Ironside, Jamieson, Westfall, Harper, Arock, Annex and Brogan are unincorporated communities. Malheur County is the second largest county in the State of Oregon.

Ready Built Plans - Residential Only

Modifications to Ready-Built Plans

Plans may be modified in the following ways and remain ready-build plans. The local jurisdiction must verify that the plan design criteria meets or exceeds the associated site criteria.

???? Specified eave height is the maximum height. Eave height may be reduced.

???? Specified roof pitch is the maximum pitch. Pitch may be reduced to 3:12. Lower pitched

roofs are allowed if they comply with ORSC R905.10.

???? Specified frame spacing is the maximum spacing. Frame spacing may be reduced.

???? Specified length is the maximum length. Length may be reduced, but must not be less than the width specified on the plan. Allowed openings must be reduced by the same length that was removed from the overall building length.

???? Openings shown may be changed to walls except one three-foot wide by six-foot, eight inch tall side-hinged door must be provided somewhere on the exterior.

The division does not approve modifications to the plans. Plan modifications beyond the limits indicated above are expressly subject to local jurisdiction approval on a site-specific basis.